Adornment of the Church with icons

Iconographer Nicholas Papas and parishioner Tony Latina, begin removing from the apse wall our previous Platytera icon of the Theotokos and Christ Child.

Original Pantokrator                Removal of original Pantokrator 


The new Platytera icon and apse wall.

Theotokos_2022-07-24.JPG   IMG_0002.JPG   IMG_0003.JPG

IMG_0004.JPG   IMG_0005.JPG   IMG_0006.JPG

   Iconastas_2022-07-20_4.jpg  IMG_0008[1].JPG  

IMG_0009[1].JPG    Iconastas_2022-07-20_1.JPG    Iconastas_2022-07-20_2.JPG


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